Daria Kuzmych and Svetlana Selezneva work together transforming beautiful sketches to different textile techniques: sewing, quilting, and bead embroidery. Daria Kuzmych was born in 1991 in Kyiv. She studied at the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture. She has taken part in several festivals, such as Gogolfest and Book Arsenal festival. She actively collaborates with musical ensembles. She has also worked as a scenographer at the Les Kurbas Centre. After finishing an art college in 1986, Svitlana was working as a restorer in the museum “Kyiv picture gallery” and as a dressmaker during the 90-s. Later, she worked as an assistant of different fashion designer's, what influenced her to begin her own practice in textile design. In 2018, she participated in the exhibition "Productive work. What is it supposed to be?" with her daughter and an artist Dariia Kuzmych in the Q21 exhibition space in Vienna and in the exhibition "What's important?" in IZONE (Kyiv) and in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Odesa.

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