The monumental mosaics can be seen literally in every location of Ukraine. Most of them were created during the last 30 years of The Soviet Union's existence. These works have an extraordinary fate. They were conceived primarily as the public space decorations. But citizens never thought about the mosaics as something valuable. Monumental art in most occasions was perceived as an official order and as a part of propaganda. But in recent years, thanks to independent researchers, art and photo projects, it was rethought and these masterpieces of Ukrainian art finally acquired real recognition and publicity. And even more, they made influence on the fields of fashion, design, media, tattoo studios and became popular throughout very different young audiences, which don’t perceive them only as a soviet retrospection anymore. Some of the works were the official layout for a final project (saved factory prints are the obvious evidence for this), but some served as inspiration, uninhibited creative practice during the process of seeking bigger forms. In such sketches, the artists could let themselves much more than it was allowed to realize in final panels. Because of this, chamber versions look more independent, spectacularly, and bring to light the full variety of professional capabilities of their authors. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ONE OF THE EXHIBITED WORKS, PLEASE CALL THE CURATORS OF THE GALLERY: MARIA LANKO +380509420509 LIZAVETA GERMAN +380672624950

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